Does Phoenix influence their students to join the military?


Ryan Sanchez

Phoenix Military Academy is the top military academy in Chicago, IL. The school offers many programs, from AP classes to After School Matters. Phoenix is also a strict military academy where students have to wear proper uniform and attend morning formation. Many people assume that Phoenix, being the top military academy, influences students who are under the age of seventeen to join the military, but many students deny that claim.

Phoenix sometimes brings recruiters to inform students about their choices after high school. Many people believe this encourages students under the age of seventeen to join the military, but the students disagree.

“Phoenix brings recruiters from each military branch once in awhile. That is to show us our options in life, they don’t tell us it’s the best or we have to join, they’re just showing us,” said senior Angel Aguirre.

By law, minors under the age of seventeen cannot be enlisted in the military without parental consent. This law 10 U.S.C.A. § 505 states that seventeen-year-olds can enlist in the military if they have the consent of their parents or guardians.

“Although Phoenix doesn’t influence us to join the military, they would like us to join and serve our country,” said Aguirre.  

There are students that do join the military after high school, but they say they deny that they were influenced by Phoenix.  

“This school doesn’t make me join the military, or influence me, but I always wanted to join the military ever since I was a kid. I love the military life, that is why I came to this school. When I’m seventeen I’m going to enlist in the military,” said junior Johnathan Brown-Garcia.