Did Alumni Day Help You Realize Something?

Daisy Bucio

On January 6, 2016 Phoenix Military Academy created a day called Alumni Day. Alumni Day is when former PMA graduates come back to the school to give presentations on their experience in college, and provide the students with tips. The students were able to benefit from this because they were able to ask questions on high school, college, careers, and dorm room life.

“What I learned from Alumni Day is to give it your all because it’s a tough world out there, and to not be scared to take certain opportunities,” said Junior Octavio Sanchez.

Having a special day like Alumni Day helped students open their eyes, and see just a glimpse of the real world. They were motivated to start seeing college as a present concern, and started to understand that they should not limit themselves with only opportunities at Phoenix, but also seek for opportunities at other schools.

“PMA does prepare their students and it might not be the best looking school but is great in academics,” said Junior Erik Bernabe.

Many people who have seen or heard about Phoenix have doubts about its success because of its outdoor appearance is nowhere to be compared to schools like Jones or Whitney Young. By having the graduate students come back to Phoenix and speak about their academic accomplishments, it comes to show that PMA is in fact a great school in academics and leadership.