College Acceptances

Jasmin Escogido

Senior Jennifer Baeza has been looking forward to her college acceptances. She is attending which college offers her the most money in this case. She will be attending college looking at how many colleges she has gotten accepted to already, and we’re barely on January. Although we are on January, she will be deciding the college   that she will go to by March.

“I have gotten accepted to Dominican University, Hamline University, Harold Washington, Monmouth College, Nebraska- Lincoln, and others. It makes me feel really happy that I was able to get accepted to really good schools,” said Baeza.

Looking at the schools that have accepted her makes her feel very proud of herself by the fact that she notices she is bright to attend them. She believes these colleges are hard to get into, and the fact that she made it in them makes her more happy than ever.

“My plans are to maintain a really good GPA and get jobs that will help me pay for my college tuition. I have also applied for many scholarships and hopefully I hear back from them soon,” said Baeza.

As a senior she is still supposed to care about her grades and scores because some colleges still look into that and sometimes they deny people due to the fat that their senior year wasn’t the best. She plans to keep doing good in school and work that is going to help her become independent.. She believes that any scholarships would be wonderful in this case.

“My mom, older sister and best friend are my back bone. It affects me to know that I am close to them especially my mom since she’s my best friend,” said Baeza.

At this point she has all the support she’ll need. However, she is affected that leaving to college will mean she will have to leave her mom who she is closest to, but life is all about taking risks.