Are You Satisfied with your Grades?

Jeidy Garcia

Grades were verified on January 6,2016 for 2 quarter.The report  cards were sent home on Friday, guardians might had been glad or disappointed. Most students are not satisfied  with their grades such as, Juniors Yessenia Lopez and Mayra Aguilar.
     “I will try my best to study for upcoming tests and turn all my assignments on time by the of the semester ,”said Lopez.

Aguilar is convinced that her parents weren’t that pleased when they saw her grades.

“My mom said my grades weren’t that good that I have to get all A’s by the end of the semester, I know my mom was kinda disappointed but I’m trying to get all A’s,”said Aguilar.

Lopez believes that there’s one class that she’s really struggling with that is causing her to not have an A or B in that class.

“I’m struggling with English, because Ms. Czopek can be really strict when it come to the ACT. She wants us to learn some of the rules in the writer’s handbook which some are hard to remember,”said Lopez

Aguilar such as Lopez is not satisfied with her grades she believes since, she has been really stressed for the past two weeks trying to do all of her homework.

“My grades are decent, however I’m trying to get all A’s by the end of the semester,”said


Lopez is also not satisfied with the grades that she got on her progress report cards .

“I’m not satisfied with my grades,I’m striving to get A’s and B’s by the end of the semester.”said Lopez

Although,some students were not satisfied with their grades they are trying to bring them up by the end of the semester.