ZooLights at Lincoln Park


Jocelyn Cruz

During November 27th through January 3rd, ComEd and PowerShares QQQ presented the free ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo. This activity was open for people of all ages to walk in and enjoy.

“I think it’s a great activity for teenagers because they can go and have fun with their friends and it does not cost a dime. They get to experience a real life wonderland.” said Senior Jennifer Baeza.

Junior Veronica Perez said “I think so because it does take you back to the days that you had nothing to worry about and it is also a good place to hangout with your friends and just have a good time looking at the lights.”

Not only were people allowed to walk around the park and see lights, but they could also go inside the Lion House, the Primate House, Center of African Apes, and the Wild Things Gift Shop.

“When I went into a store they would give you 3D glasses where you can see different figures when you see lights, it was pretty fun,” said Baeza.

When wandering around the zoo, you could see lights shaped into animals and  lights would flash at the beat of the music.

“I really liked the tree that is in the middle of the zoo because there are a lot of lights and they all have a christmas song to light up to and the lights are also made into animal shapes and there is also a place where ice sculptures are made and they are made in front of everyone to see,” said Perez.

This event is a great opportunity for a family night. People of all ages can enjoy the lights and have fun watching the animals.