PMA Class A Picture Day is a Success

Joshlyn Murphy

On January 13th, Phoenix’s Yearbook Picture Day took place in the gymnasium. Pictures were taken by Phoenix’s Journalism editors. There were over 500 students attending this event. Not only the students, but also the teachers and staff also participated.

There were students who were signed out of class to help out for this event. The helpers made sure all of the classes were down and everyone took their picture. There was a lot of chaos in the beginning. Dealing with students early in the morning, making sure they got their picture information and checking their uniform was a lot of work.

Many students from every LET level were absent, which made it harder. The helpers had to search around the school to see if each person was really absent or if he or she were hiding from taking their yearbook picture. A lot of students did not have on the proper uniform, so they had to have them change into the class “A” uniform.

“My experience from picture day was good, just tiring. Making sure students have on the proper uniform and constantly having to tell them how to fix themselves can somewhat get aggravating, but I would love to do it again,” said senior Anthony Labrado.

Most of the helpers had to go back and forth to their classes, because they were not allowed to miss certain classes, like AP. Phoenix’s new policy for events  is when teachers and staff members make a letter regarding the situation or event and if your name was mention on the paper, your teachers aren’t able to mark assignments late or mark you absent because the message was sent out to them.

Overall, the day was long and tiring, but the pictures actually came out nice. Once the day was over, the helpers all just sat back, relaxed, ate food and talked until the day was over.