Hour of Code supporting the future

Diana Aguilar

Technology has become a huge part of teens’ daily lives. They are dependent on it for homework and also for social media to communicate with everyone they know.

At Phoenix, technology is very important for students to be knowledgeable about. On December 10th Phoenix offered a program called The Hour of Code. This program is intended for students to learn about technology and how knowing how to use it can become beneficial.

“Hour of Code is a program that Phoenix offers that dedicates an entire hour to teaching students about computer programming and technology,” said senior Brian Agnew.

This program was run by Ms. Jones and Ms. Tobias. It also involved some students, including a few members from tech crew.

This program is beneficial for students who seek more knowledge on the advancements of technology.

“Students will have fun playing games such as Flappy Bird, and Minecraft,” said Agnew.

Students will be able to learn how to create their own applications, which can give a sense of creativity to create something no one’s ever done before. This program will help cadets by having hands-on experience on programs they want to create.

“ Cadets can use procedures learned in other computer programs such as http and job,” said Agnew.

This program fits into the STEM initiative because it creates background experience on computer programming and other forms of computer technology. Hour of Code gives STEM students and other students a bigger opportunity to be able to look into the world of technology. It also introduces students to a field that they may be interested in that they can pursue in college.  

Hour of code will help students know how technology works and how they can use it to their advantage. Since there’s a high demand on computer programmers, using this program will give them experience and background on computer programming.