Heartfelt New Years Resolutions

Jaylin Lara

The year 2015 might have been filled with unforgettable experiences, but there are some things people hope to change, or do differently in the upcoming year. Juniors Luz Ramos and Elia Godinez share their resolutions.

Godinez believes that 2015 was filled with unforgettable experiences. The year may have had several moments, good or bad, but it was considered a year with much gain.

“My favorite memory of 2015 was when I visited Google and Groupon and programmed a robot for the first time,” said Godinez.

On the other hand, the year 2015 may not have been so great for others; Ramos had to undergo some bumps in the road.

“This year was stressful because I had problems occurring in my personal life, but my least favorite memory of the year is having to go through surgery. This was very hard for me,” said Ramos.

Many people believe that a new year means an opportunity to change who they are as an individual, but Godinez thinks otherwise.

“I don’t believe that a new year means a new me. Perhaps, you can change your attitude, grades, or a little of the way you look, but it won’t change who you are,” said Godinez

A new year encourages people to set goals for themselves throughout the following year. These resolutions that people come up with are usually long term, but may be difficult to achieve.

“My goal is to get a decent score on my ACT, manage my time wisely, and procrastinate less,” said Godinez.

The year 2016 is right around the corner, and many are very prepared for it. Many people believe that the new year will only bring more good experiences to their lives.

“I’m looking forward for 2016 because it’s a new year with many more memories to come,” said Ramos.