Bulls on the run

Bulls on the run

Xavier Martinez

The Chicago Bulls have been on a tear lately especially after picking up a win against the Boston Celtics. They are currently on a 6 game win streak and have scored more than 100 points in 9 straight games. Jimmy Butler has been a large part of it due to his All-Star play, Derrick Rose also seems healthier than ever with the amount of points he is putting up.

“They are doing pretty good so far; they have all the right pieces and if Butler and Rose play to their full potential there’s no one that can stop them.” Said senior Donovan Daley.

One issue that seems to come up every time the Bulls are mentioned is “who is the leader of the Bulls”. Derrick Rose was always seen as the face of the franchise, but with all the injuries Jimmy Butler has had the opportunity to step up and take the spotlight.  

“It doesn’t really matter who the leader is because in order for them to win it all everyone has to play together. Yah Butler is playing great but Rose is starting to get back in rhythm and that’s great for this team.” Said Daley.

The Bulls are currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference, right behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. The regular season doesn’t mean much to the Bulls because they are always a playoff team, but the playoffs is where it always seems to get difficult especially when they run into LeBron James.

“I don’t think the Bulls are missing anyone, it just all depends on if they stay healthy because if they do,they can beat anyone.” Said Daley.