AP Chemistry Struggles

Kimberly Huerta

One week before going on winter break, some of the seniors took their practice AP Chemistry exam. After all the practicing so far, they will be able to know what the AP test looked like and what they’re expected to know when they take the real exam.  
“Overall as a class we made sure to attend our study halls with our groups as well as complete our homework assignments,” said senior Jerry Limon.

While the students were practicing and had their study halls to practice, they also had difficulties with the class. Keeping up with the class is very important.

“The most difficult part of taking this class is learning a new material everyday while still being unsure of the material you were taught yesterday. This can cause confusion and make it more difficult to learn the new material,” said senior Jocelyn Ortiz.

While students were trying to keep up with their class and stay focused, they were determined to do whatever it took to pass this exam. Although some might not have felt confident, they still tried.

“I do not feel confident that I will be able to pass this test because science is one of my weaknesses, I have a difficult time understanding concepts and usually take more time to learn things compared to other people,” said Ortiz.

Being a part of an AP class takes effort and it’s not always easy when, like Ortiz, you are not really skilled in science. Students need to take their own time to be able to study.

“I do not feel like I get enough time to study, because this class goes at a fast pace and I usually leave the class being unsure about something. However I do not always have time to stay after school and learn the material because I have to go to work too,” said Ortiz.

This week was  stressful for the AP testers because of time management. Being focused was difficult, but taking these exams will help.
“This class has never stressed me out to the point where other classes got difficult to keep    up with, because Bernthal always allows us to turn whatever late work we have and lets us retake any test we got a bad score on. The only thing that can get stressful is when you are trying to do multiple homeworks for multiple classes in one night, which can leave you with some assignments incomplete,” said Ortiz.
Although this test seems difficult and stressful the students have tried to keep up and since it was their last week before winter break all they wanted to do was get it over with.