Phoenix Alumni Day hits home


Erik Bernabe

On January 6, 2016 Phoenix Military Held an Alumni day for students by having PMA graduates come back and talk to them about college and answer any questions they had. Alumni day was for everyone in the whole school giving every graduating class at Phoenix a chance at getting to have a clearer background on what college is. Many students were able to benefit from this day especially seniors who will become freshmen at college next fall.

“It was ok. I really didn’t learn anything because I knew most of the things they told me. But I’m sure the lowerclassmen did because they got to talk with them more,” said Junior Ryan Sanchez.

Alumni day brought many old and familiar faces back to the school. Many PMA Cadets that graduated last year came back and were able to share their first year college experience. Having alumni day was able to give lowerclassmen and upperclassmen a better view on what college is like and how they can prepare themselves for it in the future.

“I always wanted to go to college, but they made me realize how expensive it can be, so get as much free money as I can,” said Sanchez.

With colleges being so expensive scholarships, FAFSA, and many other ways to get financial help will come to play when applying to college for many students graduating.

“Alumni day helped open my mind about colleges and was a good thing to have it hopefully PMA has it next year again,” said Sanchez.

Having alumni day being a success and allowing past PMA cadets being able to come back and share their college experiences was a good thing for the whole school. Not only did college students come back but also those who joined the military came back and shared their experiences.