Challenging the Cadets

Raianna Matchem

On October 24, 2015, PMA competed in the JROTC Cadet Challenge competition. The Cadet Challenge is a JROTC instructed event, that tests the physical fitness and flexibility of a cadet. Many schools, as well as Phoenix, participated in this event. Phoenix won second place.

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. The competition consists of 5 exercises from the Presidential Physical Fitness Award program. Cadets who score in the 85th percentile or above on Cadet Challenge receives the PPFA, which consists of a round blue emblem embroidered with an eagle. Cadets who score in between the 50th to 84th percentile are eligible to receive the NPFA, which is a round red emblem embroidered with an eagle. Samuel Ferguson, a junior at PMA, participated in the competition

“ The most challenging event is the push-ups. When doing them you have to keep a perfect form. It’s tough because those who do push-ups want to get the win for their team, so no matter how close they are to reaching muscle failure, they have to knock out as many as they can in two minutes,” said cadet Ferguson.

To prepare for the competition, instructors usually made participants exercise three times a week, warm up between five  to seven minutes, and spend twenty minutes on conditioning.Cadets who score 85th percentile or higher receive a ribbon for outstanding performance during the event.

“I will most definitely participate again next year. If PMA students want to improve their performance in the Cadet Challenge, they could start to do independently workout.They could also workout with the Raider Team in the morning if they choose to,” said cadet Ferguson.

The Cadet Challenge is an experience that can help an individual prepare for a specific goal. Extra practice can help improve scores overall. The Cadet Challenge can also have improvements on your diet, and eating habits. you ended your article really weak, maybe add something stronger.