Exercising True Leadership – Applying for City Corps Staff

Samuel Ferguson

In Chicago, Illinois, students who take part in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program at their perspective high schools have the opportunity to apply for City Corps Staff for the 2016-2017 school year. Even though many high schools with JROTC programs have an organized cadet staff, being a part of City Corps Staff offers students’ opportunities and experiences that are beneficial by helping them exercise leadership and take initiative.

Senior Xavier Martinez is the Deputy Commander for this year’s City Corps Staff. He has the 2nd highest cadet rank (Brigadier General) in all of JROTC within the city, so he plays a prominent role in exercising leadership within the organization.

“Myself, as well as the rest of the high-ranking commanders in City Corps Staff, are in charge of organizing meetings we host every other Wednesday. We’re also in charge of making sure that JROTC related events throughout the city run accordingly,” said Martinez.

Just like every cadet here at Phoenix Military Academy, Martinez had the opportunity to apply for the cadet staff, but he chose to be a part of the City Corps Staff instead.

“Former Battalion Commander Kelly Erazo influenced me to apply for City Corps, but the main reason why I chose to join is because I knew that everyone in City Corps Staff were high-ranking cadets. I wanted to be one of them,” said Martinez.

Although he found the high-ranks and executive leadership roles captivating, he looked back on how being in City Corps Staff proved to be beneficial to him.

“I think it was a blessing joining because I was able to meet so many people throughout the city of Chicago, as well as connect with cadets from various high schools,” said Martinez.

Since the former Battalion Commander influenced him to apply, Martinez is now returning the favor and influencing others in the Firebird Battalion to be involved  in City Corps Staff.   

“I really want to be a part of City Corps Staff because I feel as if it would make me a better leader. Since it is a citywide organization, it would look good on my resume and it would also give me the opportunity to network with individuals from other schools,” said Freshman Destiny Ortega.