Are M.A.C. Products Worth It?


Jeidy Garcia

M.A.C.was started in Toronto,Canada when the makeup artist and photographer Frank Angelo brainstormed the  makeup line.  The first customers were makeup artists, models and photographers.With the time,  popularity  of the makeup line grew. The makeup brand  was well made and it stood out. A popular lipstick was the red matte that was used in a photo shoot with a New York star. In 1994, AIDS/HIV spread around the world. M.A.C. AIDS was created as an organization for charity..Today, M..A.C.  is a well known makeup brand that is known around the globe. It continues to expand everyday to  satisfy customers’ needs.

          For two years now, I have been trying M.A.C. products such as their foundations and lipsticks.  The products are incredible amazing. Many famous women love the brand. Many girls, love the lipsticks because the shades of colors are astonishing. Yes, the products are little pricey but they are worth it. M.A.C. is not the type of makeup brand that pricey  and does not work well. I recommend this makeup brand to any girls that looking for products that work well Any girl would really enjoy this product  like I did.

Rate: 5/5