Star Wars Battlefront falls to the same EA woes

Star Wars Battlefront falls to the same EA woes

Davlin Smiley

Star Wars is a famous science fiction adventure title that writer George Lucas, who created the literature that eventually turned into a movie series had initially made its mark on the population of the United States in 1977. The growth and continuation of the franchise is due to its fans and multi-generational appeal. With the upcoming addition to the Star Wars movies; Star Wars Episode 7 on December 18th, it’s popularity will skyrocket.

The games inspired by series has also done well. The most recent addition is Star Wars: Battlefront, released in 2015 by publishers Dice and EA. The game itself is only available to the new generation consoles of Xbox One and PS4. It is an large open world first person shooter with elements of aviation combat.

The supportive fans of Star Wars and Dice games such as Battlefield this is a fresh and new idea that they would enjoy.

Gameplay wise, the graphics involved with the motion is fluid and the frame rates are constant. Combat in the game is fast-paced and can occur at anytime in many different ways. No matter what game type or size of the teams, the game keeps its players entertained and coming back enjoying every match. Its team based system promotes cooperation and communication to achieve a common goal.

Then comes the special vehicular and hero based combat system, these allow the player to choose between iconic vehicles based on the teams allegiance to the Rebels or Empire. They can range from the behemoth of a walking tank called the AT-AT or the infantry walker AT-ST or domed shaped TIE Fighters. The hero system makes the player seem like the main character of a game, you get a random pick up as a soldier or a pilot and can transform and control Iconic characters such as Han Solo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett. A player could also fly as the most recognized and revered spaceship in the series; the Millennium Falcon or the space bounty hunter Jango Fett’s Slave-I fighter craft.

Sadly some content is lacking in gameplay including diversity with maps and utilities but could be solved in the future with DLC.There is a slight hope that the reputation EA has with ruining games doesn’t hurt this one. There is no single player campaign but many game modes that help tell the story of this time period in the series. Also the amount of detail and effort put into the game involving the Star Wars universe is on point. New and old fans alike will enjoy this game, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.