My Winter Break

Joshlynn Murphy

On December 18, Chicago Public Schools went on winter break. There was a lot of stress and hard work done during this semester. Students are more than excited.  

Students have been waiting for this moment. Winter break is a time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy the day with each other by playing games, saying  jokes, eating and watching movies together.

Have you ever met someone who does not celebrate Christmas? Some people dislike Christmas and some of the enjoy it, Not just for the presents, but the holiday is about spending time with one another and showing one another how much they care about each other.  

Some students will be spending their winter break doing service learning projects and other activities, such as college trips, going out of town.

“Over the break, I am volunteering at the Brookfield Zoo with my peers from the school for service learning hours,” said junior Samuel Ferguson.

Some people are going out of state to visit their loved ones for the winter break. They are not doing anything special, just their regular traditions. Like stay inside, and eat, tell jokes, open presents and watch movies.

“I am m going to Memphis to see the rest of my family. We are not t doing anything special, just the regular tradition of spending time with my family for Christmas,” said senior Brittany Governor.

For the ones who are not going out of town, they are going to spend time with their family in Chicago and enjoy the time that is being spent while they have the chance. A lot of people didn’t get a chance to spend Christmas with their family.