Debate Competition #2

Jocelyn Cruz

Debate is an academic club that always strives for the best. On November 6, 2015, the debate team had a their second competition.. Not only did three debaters receive speaker awards, but one of the teams advanced to semifinals. This year’s debate resolution: The United States Federal Government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance.

“I went up against schools like Von Steuben and Jones. I got a record of 4 losses and 1 win. I feel that this record is fair because it was only me facing two people,” said freshman Efrain Colunga.

In order to receive such high recognitions, the Phoenix debate team would practice for hours in school and afterschool. On the day of the tournament, the debate team would get signed out of their classes to spend the whole day preparing for the competition.

“My partner and I have been preparing for this tournament since Tournament 1. Every tournament is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes as we go,” said sophomore Guadalupe Trejo.

The teams make specific counter-arguments for each school incase they debate against them.

“The goal we set up for the next tournament is to win at least 4 rounds. We plan to work on better strategies that need improvement,” said Trejo.

Debate is a very rigorous club. Only the best pairings of the teams make it up to the top. It takes weeks to prepare for one tournament in order to get a good score. Overall, the debate team is a group where everyone has a chance to succeed if they work hard.