Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Jeidy Garcia

Black Friday began with offers that had people going around  the store. Cyber Monday has only online deals people do not  tend to buy items on that day. Due to the fact that Black Friday was during Thanksgiving break and homework needed to be done, students were not able go shopping.

Juniors Yareli Soto and Madeline Guzman have different perspectives based on Black  Friday & Cyber Monday regarding the activities they have to complete on those days.

“Black Friday might be dangerous if you are the type of  individual that fights  for an item instead of getting into a dispute,” said Soto .

Guzman believes that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is worth it because buying items those days is less expensive.

“I believe Black  Friday and Cyber Monday  is worth it because you could buy things that are on sale,” said Guzman.

Soto did not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals because she had to do homework and  take care of her siblings.

Although,  Guzman had to do homework that didn’t stop her from participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

However, Guzman did do some Black Friday shopping and on Cyber Monday