The Prepsters take on West Point

Octavio Sanchez

Phoenix Military Academy has a program for the top 20 students, those 20 students are known as the prepsters. The prepsters are talented students that were chosen to represent the school in a stem point of view.

A couple weeks ago PMA was allowed to take the prepsters  on a 4 day “vacation” to New York. On their vacation they visited the prestigious military academy, West Point. The prepsters also explored the mysteries of New York and made the best memories out of this trip.

“The state of New York was beautiful; I enjoyed the trip overall,” said sophomore American Sanchez.

These cadets tested their fears of finally leaving “home” even if it was just for a while. On the other hand others are used to leaving and going to new horizons.

“No, this was not my first trip to another state,” said sophomore Aristeo Martinez.  

And he was one of the few that was use to traveling but this program at PMA will open doors for these talented students to travel.

As it was previously stated, the prepsters were to make amazing and long lasting memories of their time being there.

“The most unforgettable memory was getting to see an actual combat training class; it was very entertaining and intense,” said Sanchez.

However, others thought otherwise over the same topic such as cadet Martinez

“The most unforgettable memory from this trip would be when we were able to do the obstacle course the cadets had in one of their gyms,” said  Martinez.

The prepsters enjoyed their time in New York  and came back safely now the only thing they have to do is wait to seek a new horizon to explore.