PMA Science Fair Participants ready to move on

Shadae Little

Yesterday on December 9 2015, Phoenix Military Academy science fair took place. The science fair took place on the library on the second floor of Phoenix. The science fair happens once every year. If the students win the competition here at Phoenix they go to the city competition.

Students interviewed were Alejandra and Octavio. Alejandra project was cheating with dice, and Octavio’s was on modeling space.

“I used 8 dice and added weight to half, I had someone else test it so it wouldn’t seem bias” said, Junior Alejandra Olaguez.

“I took 3 different types of physical model triangles and examined the shapes” said, Junior Octavio Sanchez.

The two students, Alejandra Olaguez and Octavio Sanchez. Olaguez wouldn’t want to go to the city because it’s too stressful. Octavio said yes because he worked hard. Olaguez doesn’t think the experiment was hard. But, for Sanchez he said it was complicated.

“No, the project was easy, but the review of literature was hard” said, Olaguez.

“It was hard because I had to learn a new type of math on my own time, but Mr. Carroll was a lot of help” Said, Sanchez.

“No I wouldn’t go to the city because its adding more to my plate and it would be the death of me” said, Olaguez.

“Yes I would go because I put in a lot of hard work” said, Sanchez.