Volleyball Game

Alexis Garcia

On November 24, 2015 members of the National Honor Society held a fundraiser volleyball game during 7th period. The game consisted of both female and male student volleyball players against the teachers. With the majority of the students attending the game, it was rare to  hear someone claim they were not going.

“I choose not go because I had to finish my assignments for English,” said senior Jennifer Baeza.

This was the case for many seniors who were trying to finish their late work before Thanksgiving break.

The game to some was enjoyable but it still had its problems, one of them being the music.

The music at the beginning was horrible. It would go on and off, loud and quiet, and it did not transition smoothly. Those who were in charge of the music should prepare and have a proper playlist and actual control over the music,” said senior Stephani Lopez.

Despite the music, some people did enjoy the game.

“I had a great time.  I suck at volleyball, but it was still fun to compete,” said Ms. Comeford

Although, it seems many students went to the game to avoid going to seventh period and doing any work, NHS was able to make a lot money which will be used for service learning projects.

“After the game NHS made above $600 that will go towards the NHS fund for the year. The money that was earned will go towards funding service learning projects” said senior Xavier Martinez.