Seniors’ Plans After Graduation

Daniel Salgado

Seniors are getting closer to graduation, which means they are working on their plans after high school. Whether that is applying for college, enlisting in the military, or preparing to enter the workforce.  Regardless of their decision, seniors are all working diligently to set up their plans for after graduation.

Many seniors who are planning to enter college upon graduation are already finding schools that have the program or major they want to pursue. Students should take a lot into consideration while choosing a university.    

“Depending on what you want to study will greatly influence where you chose to go. In order to chose a good school you have to understand cost, courses, and your responsibilities that you will obtain while being there,” said senior Michael Almaraz.

Finding a university that best fits the student is vital to future success.

“I plan on going to Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  I chose this university as my top pick because I know they have a good computer science program, which is what I want to study in college,” said Almaraz.

Another option that is available for seniors is serving in the military immediately after high school. This may seem like a last option to some people, however it can open up many opportunities to those who would like to serve.

“ I am going to do active duty in the US Army after graduation. This way I can finish my contract and get the benefits faster; then I will find a job with my military experience,” said senior Giovany Cornelio.  

Whatever their choice is, the time to make their final decision will be here before they know it.