The True Meaning of Christmas

Christain Uribe

Christmas is a annual festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is mainly celebrated by christians.

“I think the true meaning of Christmas is for the family to get together and celebrate the birth of Jesus,” said Vanessa Uribe.

Saint Nicholas is said to be the real life inspiration for Santa Claus who is a well recognized character during Christmas season.

“I don’t think people remember the true meaning of Christmas because with time they made it more about gifts than to sit down with your kids and family and talk about the birth of Christ,” said senior Jose Guel.

Over time people are beginning to forget the reason why we celebrate christmas.

Some reasons why people would have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas is the gift giving, popular characters like Santa Claus, Frosty, Reindeer, and others.

“All I want for Christmas is my whole family to be back together and happy,” said Jasmin Garcia.

Christmas is still celebrated to this day, and it’s a time when families can get back together and celebrate the birth of Christ and give gifts to all the people they care for.