Water Tower Strike

Angel Aguirre

It was Friday November 27, 2015, cold and yet frustrating due to the strike that was going on for the Chicago police officer who shot his Laquan Mcdonald 16 times. They had decided to block any Black Friday shoppers from entering the store.

This not only affected customers, but employees who work in the Water Tower mall. The strike made the mall open and close their doors making its employees late for work and waiting in the cold for the mall to open again.

“ I understand their situation trying to stand up for what they believe is right, but  that doesn’t mean they had to bother the shoppers and workers,” said Abercrombie Associate Alan Aleman.

People were striking to make a point. That what the officer did was uncalled for, and very  disrespectful. Fellow workers of the building and shoppers were very upset that the one day they were looking forward to shop they could not.

“Yeah, I was looking forward to shop and take advantage of what was suppose to be good deals but I was never able to get in,” said Abercrombie Associate Antonio Diaz

So, what was meant to be the most anticipated Black Friday Holiday  turned into a disaster. Shoppers did have to relocate to different stores which  made it frustrating for shoppers. It was more convenient for them to shop at a specific mall and also considering there amazing deals.