Review of Home Alone

Review of Home Alone

Yvonne Flores

Tis the season to have enjoyment and laughter filled with warmth. Throughout this week  all AMC theaters are showing the film Home Alone to brighten up the spirit of christmas.

In the film Home Alone, 8 year old Kevin Mcallister deals with the selfish, and rudeness of his huge family. Though the night before they travel to paris, Kevin releases his anger and acts out in front of everyone. This was mainly caused by his rude uncle and siblings in a fight over cheese pizza. Kevin was the outcast to his belief. Don’t start sentence with “so.”  after the argument his mother ends up sending him to his room in the attic. He then argues with his mother, where he makes a wish to never see his family again.

Once the morning arrived, everyone in the house grabbed their bags and hurried out the door and into the van. All of them were in a rush to get to the airport. No one seemed to care to knock on Kevin’s door and left a surprise for him. He woke up so excited that he believed his wish came true. As soon as his mother was on the airplane, she knew someone was missing. Kevin enjoyed his time during the Christmas season and snooped around all of his siblings rooms. He ended up in the eldest brothers room and grabbed money from his savings on the top of a shelf. He knocked out everything and even let loose a tarantula. Kevin went shopping for groceries and for a new toothbrush. He ends up stealing the item and running away from a police and was noticed by the two buglers of the neighborhood. Kevin sees the buglers and noticed that one of them once the cop that came the night before they left. The buglers then realized that the Mcallister family did not  leave to paris.

Kevin arrives by a church to hide and sees the neighbor who “murder a family” and a singing chorus. Once kevin gets home he prepares a plan to make it seem that his family is there with him. Convincing the buglers that he was not  alone. Change “Although” mother gets impatience to get home and has everyone at least try to get a hold of someone in Chicago. No flights were available, leaving everyone harshly angry at Kevin. Then a friendly stranger asked if she would ride with them in truck to Chicago. His mother got a hold of the Chicago police and asked if they could check the house. The police knocked on the door, but Kevin was afraid it was the buglers or his creepy neighbor. He created another plan to be safe from those buglers. He made traps by every door and safe spots for his own. The night they arrived, the buglers separated, one went to the back and the other to front. Both ended up with severe injuries yet that did not  stop them to come back again. This time the buglers were wiser to know what he might done. Kevin was trapped, but saved by his not so creepy neighbor. In the morning,his mother returned home and he was so delighted that she did not really disappear. His family then changed their thought about him and could not  believe he took care of himself.

This film shows the delight of accepting what you are  given and to appreciate what you have as a family. I recommend this movie to those who enjoy warmth, laughter and family fears.

Rate: 5/5