Marching Into Fourth Place

Starie Brown

On December 5, 2015, the Phoenix upper drill team won fourth place in the annual drill competition, at Westinghouse College Prep High School by staying motivated and doing their best.

“I am preparing to do better by practicing, so that I would be in the same mindset,” said senior Taylar Tramil.

Most seniors have been on the drill team since their freshman year. This is one of their last competitions, so they want to do their best.

“I have drilled since my freshman year. I am planning on helping cadets with their uniform and how to march properly,” said senior Jennifer Baeza.

The next competition is the most important competition because it is the City Wide Competition. The drill team needs to make minor adjustments to improve their scores.

“Freshmen need to practice the most on some commands. My shoes were brand new and really tight, and they cut me in the back of my foot and till this day it still hurts,” said Baeza.

The drill team is very important to some members because they want to challenge themselves to place higher.

“The drill competitions are very important to me because I have been on drill since freshman year and I take it seriously. It takes a lot of discipline and commitment. It also shapes you as a person,” said Tramil.