Champions League Draw Promises good Matches

Christian Gutierrez

The teams that will face each other in the next round are as followed: Chelsea vs PSG, Atletico vs PSV, Gent vs Wolfsburg, Real Madrid vs Roma, Arsenal vs Barcelona, Juventus vs Bayern, Benfica vs Zenit, and D.Kyiv vs Manchester City.

The Champions League is a historic competition has been around for over 60 years, with the most successful club in the competition being Real Madrid, winning their tenth trophy in May of 2014. Last year, FC Barcelona were the winners of the prestigious trophy. This year, they hope to retain the title after the round of 16 was announced, but many still believe that their team can be a threat.

“ It was a bogus draw for my Juventus, even though I know that they are the only team capable of beating FC Bayern because of my boy… Dybala!!” said junior Jonathan Muros.

For others, this draw may signify something as a surprise as they go for two teams in the draw. There was a little confusion of who should they go for because it will be hard for them to handle if either one did not advance to the next round.

“ My two teams are playing each other. I would love to see Arsenal advance because it’s been a long time since they have advanced but everyone knows that Barcelona are favourites,” said junior David Marroquin.

Although Barcelona were able to win their Fourth Champions league last year, it’s going to be hard for them to retain it this year as rivals look to attain silverware. Their biggest threats this year as it seems is FC Bayern Munich, who are coached by FC Barcelona’s former Coach Pep Guardiola.