Alicia Moreno

Black Friday is when many people go to different stores after Thanksgiving for specials on many items and products.

Many people have tents outside or stand in the cold until the store opens. Sometimes stores even open on the night of Thanksgiving.  

People that wake up early to buy the cheapest TVs are not  the only ones struggling on Black Friday.

The people that work in restaurants struggle as well on Black Friday.

Seniors Rene Garcia and Edgar Tolentino were asked to work on Black Friday at their current jobs.

Garcia works at Chick-fil-A and the restaurant had many specials on their chicken sandwiches.

“There were lines to order food from outside the restaurant,” said Garcia.

Garcia mentioned that all of his co-workers including himself were really busy the whole day.

Everyone was in a rush to take orders and make sure all the customers left happy.

Tolentino works at Target and was excited to work on Black Friday.

“It is my first year working on Black Friday,” said Tolentino.

Even if Tolentino works as a cashier, he still had a chance to see the customers running towards the aisles. Luckily nobody got hurt that day.

“I would like to work again next year, I get paid more,” said Tolentino.

Both workers got paid for working on Black Friday to see shoppers’ reactions and for extra money to buy things for themselves.