The Bowlers Life

Angelica Risper 16 years old in tenth grade choose bowling because it is a stress reliever and it is the easiest sport  to do with the friends that have grown up with since middle school. She has been bowling for about eight years. In those many  years of bowling Risper learned that bowling was her best sport and will have her children do it too.

The only ball that she uses is purple, pink and, silver with sparkles all around it. In 2010 the bowling league she was in got the highest score in the city because of working hard and a lot of practice day and night. Her favorite part about bowling is winning and taking time to get the points that she need to win.

I don’t miss the 800 mile drives, but with eight games to go or four games to go, being in the top ten with butterflies in your stomach, wondering if you’re going to come through or not I’ll always miss that. Some people like coaching because they like having someone to talk to,” said Risper.

Each step Risper took to get where she is at in her bowling dream is outstanding for someone that is so young and still in high school.

“A coach is just another set of eyes. They’re just trying to get the feedback from people that was at the game. The part they really need is the truth. Sometimes you have to be brutally honest with them. Sometimes you have to tell them,” said Risper.