Halloween Costumes

Tabatha Scott

As Halloween draws closer, students and some teachers are busy picking out their costumes. Unfortunately, students don’t always pick the most appropriate costumes. Teachers could be in a position to help change that.

“It is very sad watching a kid come to school without a costume when everybody else does,” said Sophomore Alice Scott.

You allow traditions to continue so you can see what they are and how they work. Adding that, the school will allow the students to wear a costume.  This year for Halloween  students can wear costumes but they cannot show too much, it has to cover the chest.

“Kids live for dress-up and this is just an opportunity to do just that”, said Scott.

There are social, financial and cultural differences among  families that everyone needs to know when seeing kids with a costumes on they feel left out because they can’t afford to buy one.

“We all still understand we can not wear masks or other things to cover our faces because it’s a safety issue”, said Scott