C3 to a Rise


Erik Bernabe

Over Thanksgiving break the Phoenix Military Academy conservation club held a competition to see which PMA student was able to gather the most recyclable items. Students in conservation club help PMA become a recyclable school. The conservation club (C3) is led by Biology teacher Dr. Jaji and students.

“C3 has been around since before I was a freshmen at PMA, but slowly lost its participants and no one really cared about it anymore,” said Junior Isaac Novoa.

With Isaac Novoa being the team leader of C3 he and his fellow teammates have done a great job bringing C3 back into PMA in a fashionably manner. They have presentations for the school on why recycling is important.

“C3 is important because we recycle every week and come up with projects that involve alternative energy and keeping the environment clean,” said cadet Novoa.

Having C3 around has made PMA a more conservative school. Allowing PMA to be taken care of by C3.

“C3 has helped Phoenix become a recycling school because we recycle every week and constantly promote recycling,” said cadet Novoa.

Conservation club puts posters around the school and that helps people know what can and cannot be recycled. With putting posters up many students have joined C3.

“David Cruz and I recruit from all types of grade levels and try to convince them that C3 is fun and important,” said cadet Novoa.

Conservation club has brought a lot of success for their team at PMA and continues to grow year after year. Having more projects and presentations to show to other fellow st

“It was about creating a model that would bring the community together and it worked out,” said cadet Novoa.

 With PMA supporting C3 and it’s view of recycling soon C3 will become a popular club in the school and a great team to be a part of.