This Means War

Anthony Labrado

ISIS has had a considerable spread of influence throughout the past couple of years.

However, the attacks on Paris prove the point that they are an organization of savage monsters that needs to be eradicated entirely”


According to the Kurdish Chief of Staff Massoud Barzani, ISIS has members close to 200,000, and they are quickly rising due to influences from social media sources like Twitter and Facebook. Besides the 130 people that died in Paris due to their attacks, reports that ISIS is responsible for 170,000 deaths in Iraq, and that they have killed five percent of the population in Syria. There are 71 of those monsters in the United States according to recent posts from the terrorist cell.

The atrocities of these people have ranged from murder, religious persecution, and a hate for the Western world, which they ultimately showed by attacking Paris and showing continuous threatening force to the United States.

The attacks have given the world a united presence, making the fight against them a matter of international concern. The president of France has already promised to assist in the eradication of the terrorist cell, along with support from the United States military.

The subsequent annihilation of ISIS through military force is the appropriate action. The United States has been ignoring ISIS for a long time, and the time comes to show them the same display of force that they have shown us.

However, the method of force being displayed now is not enough. The Obama administration has kept up with airstrikes on installations and strategic points controlled by ISIS. President Obama has also authorized the sending of special forces in Syria and Iraq to kill the leaders of ISIS.

The issue with these methods is that ISIS is versatile, with many personnel able to take control of vacant leadership positions. Jihadi John, the British defect who joined ISIS and has been responsible for the subsequent slaughter of American journalists, has been killed by an airstrike, yet people are still being publicly executed.

ISIS is a monstrous organization that believes that they can compensate for what they lack in physical force with terror of innocent civilians, and it is because of Obama’s refusal to send troops to the Middle East, and eradicate them.

President Obama has been using a soft strategy of indirect force on ISIS, and it shows that we are weak. This is shown in the fact that we have members of ISIS in the United States, coming in as “refugees”, ready to strike when given the order. There is also evidence that they are in Chicago, based on a report from the Washington Times, showing a tweet from the terror group saying “We are in your streets”.

The solution needs to come through the federal government and executive action from Obama. The threat needs to be eradicated thoroughly. It begins with the Syrian refugees, which need to have thorough background checks based on their past experiences and their personal encounters with those that have the jihadist radical ideals that ISIS promotes.

We also need our federal government and president to take action on the issue and send troops to the Middle East to eradicate the group.

However, we all must be careful as well. Members of ISIS can be anyone based off on the San Bernadino, California shootings, and we as a student body need to do our best to see the threat before it escalates.

Overall, in order to keep our country safe, these monsters need to be eradicated.

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