New Boys Basketball Coach is hoping to take the team to new heights

Jamell Gooden

This season Phoenix will have a new coach for the boys basketball team, which could be big for the new talent the team have coming in. Over the past 3 season they’ve had 3 coaches which isn’t a good thing considering they haven’t won conference never before.

“I think it will be different this season because no coach would want to leave a good team like the one we have this year,” said point guard Gregory Boyle.

Even though the team has a new coach some of the players are already used to him because he was the JV head coach last year and the Varsity assistant coach. Some players also have a good relationship with him because of the kind of coach he is.

“We have a good relationship this year because he is outgoing and you can’t get around without a relationship with him because he creates one with each and every player on the team,” said Boyle.

This year with all the new talent the school has on the team, the coach has prepared a good gameplan for the upcoming teams they have to play. It isn’t something that all the players are used to because previous coaches had the same style of play.

“I have to get all the good players involved in order for us to win this year, so I choosed a more advanced game plan for the players,” said coach Jamal Dantzler.

The team looks to be in good shape this season so far with all of the positive attitudes floating around. This could be the first season ever for Phoenix to win the basketball conference championship.