Pennies For Patients



Madeline Moreno

Leukemia is blood cancer, it hinders the body’s ability to fight infection causing the person to become weaker. This affects many families by wondering if Leukemia may return develop again or the feeling of resentment. Therefore, National Honor Society  has began a fundraiser for leukemia patients.

Sophomore teacher Ms. Hickman is the headquarter of NHS and she has been in charge for many years. She sets her NHS members to collect pennies from cadets that participate during their 5/6th period. Many teachers participate and encourage their students to participate in order to contribute to the community .

Sophomore English teacher Mr. Edwards is one of the many participants. He has been participating in this fundraiser ever since it started and he happens to think that Leukemia is very important.

“It is important to raise awareness for good causes, so teenagers know that they can help people who are sick and in need of medical treatment”, said Edwards.

Mr. Edwards is aware of the issue of Leukemia and encourages his students to be as aware of this issue that is occurring around them. He wants them to know how it affects one’s body and its symptoms. He emphasizes it in his own classroom and assigns classwork relating to Leukemia.

“Create a project in class for them to investigate the issue”, said Edwards.

Researching leukemia it changes one’s point of view. After hearing many people stories of their misfortune or even by reading a novel, it can encourage people to be aware of the many infections that can affect our lives. Mr. Edwards happens to spread the word of leukemia with his students. “In the novel we are reading, “The Catcher in the Rye,” the main character’s brother dies of Leukemia, and it’s important to note that leukemia affects a great deal of children”, said Mr Edwards.

Patience for Pennies is a great fundraiser that National Honor Society  hosts every school year for patience that are suffering from Leukemia. Many of the Phoenix teachers are aware of Leukemia and they try to encourage their students to participate to donate any money, even if it’s pennies or dollars. Phoenix and National Honor Society show their support towards Leukemia patience and everything that is raised is sent to them.