Junior Achievement

Erik Bernabe

On October 21, 2015 Phoenix Military Academy held a financial literacy day for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Junior Achievement is an event where people come and teach the students how to save and manage their money. Not only did junior achievement help the students have a clear understanding on how saving money helps, but also how to plan for their future.

“A benefit of having junior achievement during the school days is that we were able to spend two periods in one class, and have a better understanding about money, ” said Sophomore Adrian Delamora.

Having financial literacy day benefited the students because it didn’t only teach them about money, but about credit/debit cards, buying cars, insurance, and more.

“I was happy that they taught us about credit,debit cards, and insurance because I now have a better understanding of how each of them works, “ said Delamora.

Junior achievement also had plenty of activities that allowed the students to participate in and have fun with their peers.

“My favorite activity was when we were allowed to separate cards that we didn’t need and keep the cards we thought were more useful,” said Delamora.

Junior Achievement was a helpful and a great learning experience for students at PMA, teaching them how to save money and plan for their future.

“I hope they comeback, I really liked junior achievement even if I wasn’t as excited at first,” said Delamora.