Is Connie’s Pizzeria Worth It?

Is Connies Pizzeria Worth It?

Christian Gutierrez

Connie’s Pizzeria is located on 2373 S. Archer and is very popular in Chicago. It was first founded in 1964 by Jim Stolfe, but he never exactly “bought” the restaurant. Stolfe owned a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire which he then traded for a small storefront on the southside of Chicago. The rest , as they say, is history.

Since their opening, Connie’s has become a popular place for people to eat. Many people that go to Connie’s for their first time always seem satisfied by the quality food that they receive for the right price. Even though it takes a bit of time for the food to be prepared, customers believe the wait is really worth it.

“ My first time there didn’t seem  too expensive for me. It took a bit of time for my pizza to arrive to my table but once it got here, it was worth the wait. It was so delicious, I’m totally going back for some more,” said junior Fabian Patino.

Connie’s has expanded so much that they now have many stores around Chicago and they hope to build on their success. They have been able to maintain customers happy because they deliver to their homes.

“ I have never actually been to the connies restuarant in person, but I have had it delivered to my house. It was so good that we went ahead and ordered two days after!” said junior Salvador Gonzalez.

Connie’s will go down to people as a restaurant to visit, but the only way for them to keep their customers happy is if they maintain their lofty standards of being the best pizzeria in Chicago.