Is AP Art Limiting a Students Creativity?


Madeline Moreno

When it comes to AP Art many students approach it as an easy class. Haidy Delgado and Yvonne Flores who are attending AP Art think differently than those who do not have that class.

“I honestly thought it would be a pretty easy going class, and that it wouldn’t be so time consuming. I didn’t think the expectations of the quality of art were as high as they are in reality,” Haidy Delgado.

In the eyes of students who do not have AP Art, they believe that attending that class will not require hard work.  However, in reality the expectations are really high on every project each student does.

“I don’t believe that AP Art takes away all the fun out of art because the things that you learn in AP art, such as techniques and new art styles. You’ll be able to apply it to your own art later on. Also, AP Art still lets you have your own ideas and creativity in your artwork,” said Delgado.

Students who have AP Art personally believe that the class does not limit a student creativity. On the contrary it helps enhance the creativity of the student.

“Yes, I would recommend AP art as a class to take because it’s a class where you are able to show your skills visually by the using the many art tools. Whereas in other classes you show your skills by an equation or typed essays. You’re able to speak your mind way more creatively.” Said Flores.

Overall, AP Art is a class that is high recommended simply because it help students be and think for creatively.