Phoenix Destroys Al Raby in season opener

Kelvin Freemen

Phoenix military boys basketball team starts their first game with a win. They destroyed the Al Raby Wildcats  by beating them by 40 points.

The varsity team maintain to keep the lead throughout the whole game. Everyone played and most scored points. The team been practicing all year to better their skills so they can make it to the playoffs.

“We practiced everyday, even when we didn’t have school””

— junior Jamel Gooden

, said junior Jamel Gooden.

Players have got to know each other, on and off the court. On fastbrakes, if their is an open man running down the court then the person that has the ball will throw the ball near to hoop, the open man will dunk the ball. Whenever the team has free time, they will come up with new plays. “We have better ball movement and better chemistry on the court”, said senior Jarbaree White.

Building their courage to the playoffs, “we is going to the playoffs, probably be undefeated in the conference”, said by senior Rickie Ghoston. The boys feel that they are going to win all the tournaments and conference games. Their coach, Jaydee, knows that the team showed improvement and that they will be better than last year.  

The freshmen don’t have much experience on the court, but some manage their way to the varsity team. “The freshmen will bring support to the team, plus we have a big man so thats make it more better”, said junior Jamel Gooden.

The team is prepared for the season, starting to show process on the defense and offense each game. By the playoffs come, Phoenix boys basketball team will be unstoppable.