Friends Worry About Eduardo Macedonio


Christian Gutierrez

Christian Gutierrez

Eduardo Macedonio is a junior here at Phoenix Military Academy. On November 19, Macedonio went through a life threatening surgery on the back of his head to prevent the skin cancer from doing further damage to his body. He hasn’t returned to school since.

He was having surgery because doctors found skin cancer on his head. He had had surgery before, but that was when he was still in elementary school . Many of his closest friends couldn’t accept the fact that there was a possibility of never seeing their friend again.

“I have known Eduardo since I was in 6th grade so I was aware of the conditions he had. The day that he informed me that he was undergoing surgery, I knew it was going to be something serious. I thought his illness was behind him already,” said junior Lesly Alvarez.

Macedonio is a very outgoing kid so, it was no surprise that he had many friends of both genders worrying about his health.

“When Eduardo first told me he would be gone for three weeks I didn’t know how to feel. It was unusual for me because I never knew his condition was so bad and he was my first friend to undergo a serious operation,” said junior Jonathan Muros.

It has been over two weeks since Alvarez and  Muros have last seen Macedonio. They send their best wishes to Eduardo, hoping that he gets a speedy recovery

“I miss my diary. The group just isn’t the same without the person who make us laugh the most,” said Alvarez.

As much as Eduardo’s friends miss him, they couldn’t help but pass the time by making fun of his favorite team Chelsea losing this weekend.

“I would like to tell him 1-0 mate. But, in all seriousness I would tell him that I miss him in class and all the jokes we would tell each other to make class more entertaining,” said Muros.

Macedonio would really love to hear all the great things that his closest friends had to say about him, but for now they just wish that their friend just works on getting better and back in school.