Sgt. Powell Service Learning Project

Sgt. Powell Service Learning Project

Jasmin Escojido

Junior Daisy Bucio is doing a project for Sgt. Powell to complete at least 15 hours. It is mandatory project for all juniors to get this complete. Bucio has a group of four people that are helping her get this project done.

“My group might be doing 3 service learning projects. Our options now are the Salvation Army, donating to families, and tutoring homeless children,” said Cadet Bucio.

In order to get this project done they have to get this done in either one program/project or in different programs/projects. She already has an idea in mind that her and her peers can do to get this project done.

“Yes my group is cooperating. Everyone is doing their own part. I am okay with my group members they do their work when asked to,” said Bucio.

The most important thing when it comes down to a group project is cooperation. She believes her group is going to work because they do what they are asked to do. Bucio is excited for this project because she gets to help the community with great friends.

“Murphy is the facilitator so she is keeping us on track. Bernabe is the reporter, and I’m the recorder. The service learning project is due by the end of the first semester. We will finish on time,” said Bucio.

Her group and her have came up with a plan which gives them a good start on this project. She is excited for what she is doing with her peers. She will finish her project on time. Every student should finish their assignment on time to make Sgt. Powell happy and proud.