Senior Changes

Jacqueline Ortiz-Madera

During the 2012-2013 school year the Chicago Public School teachers went on strike.The effects of the strike lead to no school for students for approximately two weeks, which caused the school year to be extended and breaks to be cut short.

Three years later, the rumors of another teacher strike are going around. Teachers are saying that there may be another strike in early February 2016.

Some students are excited about this because it means they will not have to attend school while others, such as the seniors are distraught about this.

While the talk of the teacher strike is going on, there are talks about the senior activities being cancelled or adjusted to have less activities.

At first, the discussion of cancelling prom was going around and seniors were angry. Now another discussion has come up, shortening the senior activities or even canceling them because of the strike.

“If this was going on they should’ve told me at the beginning of the year, I would’ve transferred to another school like I said I would,” said senior Jewel Tillis.

Seniors are also upset that as teachers are discussing this, they still are planning on charging the same fees for less activities along with adding new fees for things that the seniors say they never received.

“I feel mad because I’m not about to pay the same amount of money as the seniors before payed. They paid a reasonable price because they got to do things that they wanted to do when for us it’s not going to be the same”, said Giovanni Cornelio

We will see what happens as February approaches and the teacher strike looms along with the end of the year as senior activities approaches.