Meet Mr. Birden-Didona

Meet Mr. Birden-Didona

Genesis Vasquez

As a recent History student graduate of DePaul University and a long application process, Mr. Patrick Birden-Didona has officially started working for Chicago Public Schools.

Mr. Birden-Didona met Mr. Waller his freshman year of college through Young Chicago Authors. Through Mr. Birden-Didona’s involvement in YCA, Mr. Waller invited him to Phoenix to teach poetry classes to the students, and later worked for After School Matters. Mr. Birden-Didona studied special education at DePaul because he thinks it is a high need education field. He also wants to help students to succeed as they are learning.

“Being able to work with students that need a little extra help sometimes growing, learning, and succeeding is rewarding,”  said Birden-Didona.

He works as an instructor for the poetry program, for After School Matters. Mr. Birden-Didona helps students with their poetry skills. He takes the program to another level, and helps students evolve into someone new. Special Education allows for Mr. Birden-Didona to face new challenges and help students that need a bit of extra help.

“Working with After School Matters is cool. It’s very informal and helping students evolve their artistic skills and interests is fulfilling,” said Birden-Didona.

Mr. Birden-Didona thanks Mr. Waller for helping him get to the position he is in now. Mr. Waller has given all of his support for Mr. Birden-Didona and help him adjust in his professional career.

“He has offered endless support and advice during my academic and now leading into my professional careers,” said Birden-Didona.

Now Mr. Birden-Didona is in graduate school at Concordia University, and is working at Phoenix alongside special education students. His favorite thing about Phoenix is the ways the students work toward having a career and the “culture of succeeding.”