Jobs During High School


Sha’dae Little

Students tend to slack off in school once they start working. Some kids can handle it while many can’t. Schools and mainly the work place should try to be more considerate. Once the student is hire the workplace knows that they’re still in school. So right there they should consider that they’ll be busy.

“About 25% of high school freshman don’t graduate high school on time,”said Reporter John Thompson.

Jobs should be able to work with a student’s schedule because school is more important.

Workplaces shouldn’t get mad when students need a day off or a weekend to catch up on their school work. It should be understandable that students have school, then have to go home and do homework.

“It’s really hard for me, mainly because I’ve been working since 8th grade and I  can’t catch a break,” said Sophomore Olivia Perkins.

There should be an easier way to work around a student’s schedule. Once the workplace hires them they are already informed that they’re still in high school. Its reasonable the students call off for school reasons, so they shouldn’t be punished for it, education is a big deal.

“I’m in college now, but it was harder managing in high school,” said College Freshman Guadalupe Sanchez.
It’s mainly a person’s job  responsibility to be more considerate because they choose to hire you. They know that students are  still in school so they should work with school schedules. Schools prepare students for college and better job careers. Helping students as they prosper in school and in the workplace will motivate them to do better. Schools and jobs should be more considerate of what the student is handling.