Horror Movies: Are you Frighten Or Fascinated?

Horror Movies: Are you Frighten Or Fascinated?

Yvonne Flores

The season of darkness and cold wind tantalizes the mind of mystery. Grabbing  a bowl of popcorn and a side of snacks are the perfect recipe for a night of terror. However, the intensity and gore only seem satisfying to a few people.

On any night the raid of terror can appear on a silver screen, in a dark room or in the light of day. Horror movies are the key to nightmares for almost anyone. As for Junior Isaac Novoa he’s dealt with an experience of his own.

“There was a lot of suspense,” said Novoa.

Any type of horror film carries the yucky and gory presence that many people seem to admire. Whether it’s the chasing of a victim or slaughtering of an innocent animal for a ritual. Horror can be depicted in many varieties, which can be good or bad. Junior Mariana Martinez has her own opinion on why several horror faniacs cherish horror.

“I think people like horror movies because they like to see other people suffering,”said Martinez .

Frightened by the many serial killers and chainsaw chasers, many can have a favorite character. Being able to list their top five favorite films and characters shows their level of interest. Possibly playing a similar  role of the character in a horror film of their own or recreating  a depiction of the characters also show’s one level of dedication.

“I would play the role of a killer,” said Novoa.

Whether frightened or fascinated everyone shares their variety of what they enjoy from horror films and why they enjoy it. Some are disturbed by their nightmares and some treasure them. There are those who just like the whole concept of chasing the innocent, the killing of loved ones, or the creepy sense of being watched while the only light comes from the silver screen.