After School Matters: ART

Cristian Uribe

Phoenix Military Academy has the solution for all PMA cadets who struggle to get their work done in school. After School Matters is an after school program in which students sign up and stay after school for different types of programs.

“I chose to be in ASM ART because it helps me with my homework and I was able to finish all the work I needed,” said senior Andres Palomar.

ASM ART has helped other students, like Palomar, get all homework done, if they have AP ART. Other students also choose to be in the program for the responsibility and fun that comes with it.

“I chose ASM ART for the experience and the responsibility, and to learn more so I can do better in class,” said senior Cantrell Wolf.

ASM ART also helps students who simply want to maintain their grades up.The program encourages students to do better in school by giving them a check of up to $400 by the end of each semester.

“Getting paid is one of the main reasons why people go to ASM,” said Palomar.

The program is also good for the community because it keeps the students to be focused on their school work and keeps away from the streets. ASM ART keeps the future generation safe from the dangers out on the street.

“The program allows me to do what I enjoy, which is art. It also helps me and other kids stay out of trouble,” said Wolf.

The program is dedicated to help students do better academically and to keep them safe and focus on what they want to do with their future.