Winter Break Plans!

Winter Break Plans!

Jasmin Escojido

Junior Yessenia Lopez has been planning to go on break these two weeks of winter break. She’s very excited to finally be able to get a break from school to catch up with all the homework she has been missing. Winter break is one of the best breaks of all because you finally get to sleep on cold days.

“My plans for these 2 weeks are to do my homework, service learning, attend the Winter Wonderfest, and hang out with my friends,” said cadet Lopez.

She has planned her two weeks very educated for doing school work and not only sleeping like others do. The winter wonderfest has been on her attention because it’s one of the events that she has not done in a while for Christmas break.

“I am spending Christmas in my house and my family is coming over. I am ready to eat traditional tamales and champurrado with my family.” said Lopez.

She is very excited to have her family back around for  Christmas . She’s actually ready for all the food that comes on this day. Everyone is always looking forward to the food on Christmas day. All she really wants to eat is tamales and champurrado.

“I’ve been a good person all year long I think Santa will bring me presents this year. This has changed from last year because I didn’t behave too well and did not receive that many gifts.,” said Lopez.

This year changed from last year because she has been a better person to every individual around her that brings her gifts.