Phoenix Dominates the Rivalry

PMA defeats the Marines after 3 seasons of domination


Gregory Boyle

The Phoenix boys basketball team played the Marines and intended on beating them for a second time. They succeeded as they came out on top for a 66-56 victory.

Freshman Khalid Herron and Senior Xavier Martinez were huge factors in the game, both contributing 4 rebounds and 3 blocks.

The contest was a game of three pointers, with the 1st quarter coming with back to back shots made behind the three point line. However, the game was lost primarily due to faulty defense by the Marines, who played in a full court press the entire game

Junior Jamell Gooden and Freshmen Eddie Fox, both  had good confidence that the Firebirds would come up on top.

“ I feel like we should have been able to beat them by at least 20 points because of the talent we have on the team this year,” Said Junior Jamell Gooden.

The Firebirds will go into this game having a chip on their shoulders for bragging rights. Marine and Phoenix have been going at it for years now and the Marines have won the majority of the games for three years.

“The game was be very physical and they will do a lot of screaming and shouting”, Said Freshmen Eddie Fox.

“I felt very prepared for the Marines because our basketball coach gave us a really good game plan that has proven to work based off our last game,” Said Gooden.


“I feel like the bench players will have to step up a little more because the starters will be fatigued from last night’s game,” Said Gooden.

Phoenix Firebirds boys basketball team plan on winning both games and will work hard to achieve their goal which is winning conference this year as they move on the road against Ogden.