Cadet Challenge

Ryan Sanchez

Every year Phoenix Military Academy participates in a city wide competition known as the sports challenge or the cadet challenge. The cadet challenge is a competition that many schools participate in to see which school has the most physically and skilled cadets. The cadet challenge has many events, such as the push ups, the sit up, the four leg race, and many more. The team that represented Phoenix at the cadet challenge are called the Raiders. This year the Raiders placed 2nd place overall.

“This my first year on the team, and my first Cadet Challenge. It went really well. We were all motivated” Said Sophomore Larry Cornelio.

The Raiders team trains all year long to prepare for other events, that will come.

“The events that took place were difficult if you never practiced before. I practiced in the shuttle run” said Sophomore William Hernandez.

This year, the cadet challenge was organized a bit different. Students mainly organized the events, so it was a bit odd.

“I liked last year better. It seemed more trustworthy. Cadets representing their team conducted the events and it didn’t feel right” said Hernandez.

Even if it felt odd, all the student agreed that the cadet challenge was fair for all

Even if the Raiders team placed 2nd, many had different opinions on whether the team was prepared or not.

“We were prepared for the place we earned. But we could have trained harder and won first place” Said Hernandez.

Phoenix may have gotten 2nd place in the cadet challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s over, they Still got two other competitions in the future and Phoenix will triumph.