Working On Black Friday

Diana Aguilar

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everyone is excited to spend time with their family and enjoy the festivities. Everyone is in a happy mood to reunite their family for one time a year. However, some people don’t have the privilege of enjoying the company of their families and celebrating thanksgiving.

The traditional holiday that is just as popular is Black Friday. This occurs the day after thanksgiving where many retail stores have huge sales that some people can not miss. There are lots of sales on electronics, appliances, and other things people are willing to buy in order to save lots of money. Therefore, lots of people who work at these department stores need to work Thanksgiving day in order to prepare for Black Friday.

One of our cadets, Junior Alejandra Olaguez’ sister Janitza Jimenez is one of those people who was working Thanksgiving. Jimenez works at JCPenney and she is a single mother of three children.

“Working on Black Friday was an obligation. I felt really bad because it was my first time working on Thanksgiving for years,” said Jimenez.

Much like many other people in America, they have to prioritize working and making money instead of spending time with family. Americans want to support their families, even if that means missing holidays with their own families.

“Disadvantages are not being with your family and an advantage is getting a hold of good sales. I can’t spend time with them due to the fact that I work all day,” said Jimenez.

Jimenez sacrifices her time with her family so she is able to get money. In doing this, she ends up fulfilling the needs and wants for her children and loved ones during the holiday season.  People who work on these busy days should be praised and recognized for making the sacrifice. They should be treated with respect and courtesy whether you go Black Friday shopping or not.