Why they play

Girls Basketball talks about their inspiration and passion for the sport

Starie Brown


Phoenix Military Academy has had a girls basketball team since 2006 for those who take a special interest in the sport by encouraging them to join the team.

“I just like to play basketball, it’s a challenging and competitive sport that I enjoy to play. There are people who inspire me to become a better basketball player,” said Senior Lakya Foster.

Some girls take pride in playing the sport because of family tradition.

“Basketball is important to me because it’s like a family sport. Everyone but two people in my family played basketball,” said Foster.

Some players have been playing on the team since their freshman year.

“I was on the basketball team last year as a freshman. I really enjoyed my experience during basketball season,” said Sophomore Ariel Clark.

Girls who play on the basketball team can receive scholarships for the sport and play on a professional level.

“My goal in the future is to play basketball in college, right now I am pursuing this goal by talking to the head coach at Texas A&M University about a scholarship to play basketball there. If I get recruited after college to play professionally then I will pursue that,” said Foster.

Basketball is a very competitive sport here at Phoenix and students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.